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Our Mission 

The Whole Life Path is committed to reconnecting to community as a means of co-creating with others that which was lost via the original ‘disconnect-wounding’ (i.e., the primal, core wounding) we sustained within our families-of-origin in early childhood. Our growing global community pledges to promote solutions designed to heal our fractured / ‘split’ internal and external worlds through individual and collective collaborations using multiple channels of expression (writing, art, plays, film, dance, music, and other forms of creativity). We make this pledge in the company of our peers with renewed faith in self, others, and world, armed with self-knowledge, empowered by the challenge of change, and graced with a sense of hope for what our future can be.

Our ‘Whole Life Path’ as human beings revolves around a ‘global root’ that we all have in common: Our early childhood development, as well as our pre and perinatal experiences. The Whole Life Path is based on our willingness to explore and examine our earliest coping mechanisms, attachments, and the behaviors we employed (whether healthy or unhealthy) to navigate our family-of-origin and then directly connect this with the addictive processes we act out individually and as a species that have resulted in the current global economic and environmental challenges facing humanity today. The premises contained within the The Whole Life Path are supported by ideas found within Attachment Theory, which explores the root of all forms of attachments and addictions (see for more information on Attachment Theory as related to addictive behaviors).

The Whole Life Path also proposes that the fact of our fundamental needs not being met in early childhood has ultimately resulted in addictive processes that have allowed us as a collective to co-create unhealthy socio-economic systems (e.g., a rejection of fair-trade values) and an unhealthy planet (e.g., environmental ecocide and humanicide). The Whole Life Path assumes that even minor unintentional neglect of children from infancy through adolescence contributes to this chain reaction of negative by-products, resulting in the spiraling global problems that threaten the very future of nearly all species on the planet today. Hence, it is our position as a community that the rapid education of as many people as possible regarding the critical nature of our collective predicament is imperative at this time.

A Brief Review Of Primal Disconnect-Wounding As Related To Addiction And Our Fractured  World(s)

When fundamental needs are not met by a child’s primary caretakers, including adequate mirroring of the developing self, a core ‘vacancy’ within the child develops that forces him or her to eventually fill the void by turning to any number of addictive compulsions which all can overlap, as follows: 1) ingesting substances (e.g., excessive alcohol, food, smoking, drugs); 2) developing compulsive behaviors (e.g., obsessive compulsive behaviors, excessive shopping, consuming, and buying, over-exercising, under-exercising, gambling, excessive cleaning, not cleaning, hoarding, over-spending, under-spending, over-working, over-doing, under-doing and loss of impulse control, such as seeking instant gratification); 3) control issues (e.g., the need to control others and/or ourselves, over-intellectualizing, over-organizing, adhering to a rigid schedule, rageful outbursts, inertia, obsession with competing, not expressing feelings, perfectionism, ‘being the best’, religious fanaticism, constant busy-ness, greed, thirst for power, thirst for violence, black and white thinking on an individual and institutional level, and addiction to false hopes); 4) obsessions with sources of attention (e.g., love/romance addictions, sex addictions, refraining from sex, self-centeredness, narcissism); 5) a variety of attention deficit syndromes; 6) high anxiety and/or depression (including various forms of PTSD); and 7) a variety of dissociative behaviors (including rampant free association).

The Whole Life Path further assumes that addiction in all its forms, whether acted out individually or systemically, is directly connected to our current global root dilemma; specifically, the depletion of our inner and outer resources and unsustainable processes that are directly contributing to the destruction of ourselves, other species, and our planet. Whether or not we believe ourselves to be personally addicted to substances, behaviors, people, places, or things matters little. The Whole Life Path philosophy levels the playing field by grouping all unfortunate control issues we share as a species under the same umbrella for the sake of clarity. We also recognize that while it is common for societies to stigmatize, marginalize, and even condemn those with certain life threatening addictions (e.g., drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.), these same societies ignore systemic processes that result in planet-threatening addictions fueled by a thirst for power and the accumulation of wealth that are detrimental to the collective. Such socially acceptable addictions, while ‘legal’, are in fact recognized by The Whole Life Path as being deadly on a global level. The Whole Life Path does not seek to place blame on any offenders; rather, we view these types of destructive acts as exemplifying neglectful inter-generational processes that have plagued our species on a mostly unconscious level for many thousands of years. 

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